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Custom Skin Request (Accessory Showcase)

I am thinking of starting up the Showcase again in my youtube channel after months of absence there. However, I set up a poll, so you can decide if you want me to use custom skins, or just any skin. I will close the poll by the end of this month, but I will start doing showcase pretty soon with either custom found from other site free of use and almost fine with that said accessory, or self skins that I have.
If there is a skin you want me to post, I need the link to the site with downloadable skin, or just let me know if you want me to use a custom skin of yours° and we will talk in private right here. MAKE SURE you leave your IGN of the character name and which server it is from BEFORE you link, or I won't acknowledge you at all. If the link is malicious, or if the skin file given was considered a virus, you will be banned straight up permanently with no lifting and no warning, so check before you post.
Remember: (.skin2) is the only skinfile GetAmped 2 will accept. (.skin) is for GetAmpedX or Splashfighter and I can't even use that.
All custom skins by you people will be mentioned either at the start of the video, the end of the video, OR at the description (let me know in that video if I forget). Because of the mentioned, I will not accept commissioned skin made by others unless I have gotten permission from them.
Also, for certain reasons I won't say, I will not disclose music names I will use. Bear that in mind before you ask.
° = if the custom skin you made and you want me to use does not fit well with the accessory, I have the rights to reject.
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