An accessory is an item that both alters the looks of the character, and allows players to use a variety of movesets (thus changing the gameplay of how their character fight). Many moves can only be used with a specific accessory, and certain accessory can only be used by a specific style.

They can be found at shops, or if you are feeling lucky, at (Mega) Gachapon/Draws.

Accessory Kinds

Certain accessory changes the moveset of your character's fighting style. Depending on the style and accessory you use, along with the Stats, behavior will change accordingly.

STR-Based (Melee)

Accessories that deals with close-ranged fight often excels to any player with better STR stat. Examples are Dragon Claws, Red Dragon Tonfa and Photon Riser

TEC-Based (Ranged)

Accessories that fights at certain distance are better with TEC-based players. Such examples can be found in Arm Blaster, Combat Operations and Optic Trooper.

STR-and-TEC Based (Hybrid)

Rarely, you find accessories that actually excel well with both high STR and TEC due to their nature of fighting. One of such example is Raging Grace (Blade and Dual Gun).

SPD/JMP-Based (Runner)

Some accessories are better at running from point A to B, or just plain jump to heights that are usually unreachable, which is better for thise with SPD and JMP-based Stat. Basketball Shoes, Spring Shoes and Superior Shoes are good examples of such accessories.

DEF-Based (Tank)

Accessories that are better for armored players with DEF are best with Megaforce Missions, as the nature of certain NPC can easily kill off weak DEF stat player. Mega Guard is a good example of such tanking accessory.


Most (if not all) accessory have elements on their own, each having certain aspect of fighting. They are often useful in Bafabon, Dr.Diaper and Linda's missions. Hit, Shoot = More damage based on the corresponding stat Fire = Burn Foes Thunder = Shocks Foes Ice = Freeze Foes Wind = Hits Faster


Some Accessory has the ability to go Super-armored (moving and fighting without getting staggered by any attack) for a certain period of time, however can suffer from accessory that excel in dealing against players with such. Items like Guard Shell of Yellow Tortoise, Baldanders' Demon Staff and Valiant Shield are those which have Super Armor.

Armor Killer

As opposed to the above category, some accessory also has the ability reap through the thick armor that normal accessory otherwise won't even stagger its thick, armored defense. Their attack usually rips a ton of health off the armored target, easily tearing them apart without any worry. Some of the notable ones include Wind Cross, Vertebral Blade and Vital Despoiler


These accessory are considered heavy weight, either at start or with certain moves, and you don't get knocked down by finisher attacks, instead you stagger. Some examples are Mega Guard and Titan Device.

Stat/HP/MP Thief

Such devilish accessory can steal either Stat, Health or MP to opponents if certain moves are used against them. Niddhoggr's Flower, Beezlebub's Cloak and Greed of Mammon can be such example.

Countering Accessory

There are accessories that has the ability to counter foes with certain moveset. Tactical Gloves, Great Bamboo Sword and Crimson Edge are good example of such countering.

Afflicting Accessory

There are accessories that can afflict the health of other players with specific attack over time, including some of their inherits (if any).

Flying Accessory

There are those that allows you to fly while in mid-air in any direction while taking hold of your MP the longer you fly. Most of them usually have alternate moveset when you fly around.


Of course, there are other accessory kinds that have properties different from most accessory. Its up to you to discover what each does and put them to your advantages.

Accessory color kinds

Often, some accessory have different colors (to suit those with picky designs) released either in Draws or in Stores. There are however, some exclusive ones that are not released elsewhere but on certain cases.

  • Normal Recolors = These accessories are released on a group color.
  • Limited Recolors = These recolors are released for a limited time, though its pretty rare.
  • PREMIUM Recolors = These recolors are only released for certain purchases. The Beast God series are mainly covered in gold color, whereas the other accessories has special recolors, but still has the same moveset as their original counterpart.
    • Guard Shell of Stone Tortoise -PREMIUM- Guard Shell of Stone Tortoise -PREMIUM-
    • Wing of Sacred Flame -PREMIUM- Wing of Sacred Flame -PREMIUM-
    • Mighty Fang of Water Blue Dragon -PREMIUM- Mighty Fang of Water Blue Dragon -PREMIUM-
    • White Tiger Icicle Claw -PREMIUM- White Tiger Icicle Claw -PREMIUM-
    • SealingSwordVariant Sealing Sword -Dancing Blade- (Harmony/Divine)
    • StardustWandVariant Stardust Wand -Grace-
    • SacredEdgeVariant Sacred Edge -Chance-
    • EtiquetteForkVariant Etiquette Fork (Gold)
    • LuminousCrusadeVariant Luminous Crusade -Radiance-
    • GlacialCavalierVariant Glacial Cavalier -Paladin-
    • MetamorphicSaberVariant Metamorphic Saber -Plasma-
    • TausendVariant Tausend Söldner -Übel-
    • Scarlet quad Lucent Savage -Scarlet Quad-
    • ViciousRhizomeAhriman Vicious Rhizome -Ahriman-
    • TidalScimitar Prehnite Tidal Scimitar -Prehnite-
    • Chain Blade -Viper- Royal Chain Blade -Viper- (Royal)
    • Forceful Design -Aphrodite- Forceful Design -Aphordite-
    • Magic Blade -Durandal- (Roland)
  • Alternate Variant Recolors = In the past at Japan Server, some accessory has their special variant version given to players who obtained their normal counterpart prior to their release. They are now just passed on as 'another normal recolor' to most server and also have other recolor kinds.
    • These are 'Variants' of the original accessory.
      • Bladed flames zero Bladed Flames -Zero- - Bladed Flames -Senshin- Variant
      • ¥Ô¡¼¥¹¥á¡¼¥«¡¼ GF-Peacekeeper - MF-AR2 Variant
      • ¥Ö¥ê¥å¡¼¥Ê¥¯ Brionac - Areadbhar Variant
      • Sonic fencer Sonic Fencer - Brave Fencer Variant
      • Millitary strong Military Armstrong - Dr. Armstrong Variant
      • ¥×¥ë¡¼¥È Catenta Pluto - Dis Pater Variant
    • There are also "upgrade/special variants" for the older accessory, some of them which only appear in draws or event-based.
      • Superior Shoes Superior Shoes - Basketball and Spikes Shoes "upgrade"
      • Prominence Cross Prominence Cross - Fire Cross "upgrade"
      • Golden Gloves Golden Gloves - Boxing Gloves "upgrade"
      • Star2 Ninja Nova (Black) - Ninja Nova "upgrade"
      • Demolition Guitar Demolition Guitar - Distortion Guitar "variant"
      • 2¼þǯÀð Anniversary Fan - Basho Fan "recolor variant"
      • Memorial Leather Sack Memorial Leather Sack - Adventure Pack "recolor variant"
      • Heaven's God Hand Heavens God Hand - God's Hand "variant upgrade"
      • Tiny Sparks Doll Tiny "girl's name" Doll - Tiny Bunny Doll "recolor variant"
      • Axel Gear Blade Axel Gear Blade - Axel Blade "upgrade"
  • Winner Recolor = These recolors are only available for Accessory Designer winners exclusive, or for certain event. [They are Yellow coated with white underpaint.]
    • BulletNoteWin Bullet Note - Renamed to FLINT for the designer.
    • SunSystemWin Sun System - Renamed to ese for the designer.
    • Chess Kingdom
    • BeelzeBubWin Beelzebub Cloak
    • HeavenGodHandWin Heaven God's Hand
    • SacrificeReaperWin Sacrifice Reaper
    • SunRingWin Sun Ring
    • ThunderCrossWin Thunder Cross
    • Jeanne Chevalier
    • Dr. Armstrong
    • Yggdrasil Layer
  • Platinum Recolors = Usually released in a new batch yearly, these accessory appears mostly exclusively in draws, or on tournament/event-based prizes. [They are covered in blue, cyan and white, and their accessory effects are always white and blue.]
    • RagingDrillPlat Raging Giga Drill
    • GravitonCannonPlat Graviton Cannon
    • SacrificeReaperPlat Sacrifice Reaper
    • WodenSavePlat Woden Save
    • ThunderCrossPlat Thunder Cross
    • HeavenGodHandPlat Heaven God's Hand
    • BeelzeBubPlat Beelzebub Cloak
    • FlyingTreasureSwordPlat Flying Treasure Sword
    • TwinDetPlat Twin Detonators
    • JeanneChevalierPla Jeanne Chevalier
    • BlackBladePlat Platinum Blade -Mumyo Shikkoku-
    • AxelBladePlat Axel Blade Gear
    • Assault Jetpack Plat Assault Jetpack
    • RemoteDemolisherPlat Remote Demolisher
    • Pile Driver Punisher Plat Pile Driver Punisher
    • KaiserPlat Prussian Kaiser
    • EspadaEnergiaPlat Espada Energia
    • GrimGrudgePlat Grim Grudge
    • Seraphic Platinum Seraphic Cross
    • OpticTrooperPlat Optic Trooper
    • ThanasimaKratosPlat Thanasima Kratos
    • BraveBayonetPlat Brave Bayonet
    • Belphegor's Horn Platinum Belphegor's Horn
    • Satanic Glimpse Platinum Satanic Glimpse
    • Brutal Conquest Platinum Brutal Conquest
    • Vital Despoiler Platinum Vital Despoiler
    • Wisdom Covenant Platinum Wisdom Covenant
    • Flight Annihilator Platinum Flight Annhilator
    • Savage Subjugation Platinum Savage Subjugation
    • Yggdrasil Layer Platinum Yggdrasil Layer
  • Metal Recolors = These recolors are only available for Tournaments, which is mostly in other country. US Server has only released the Bronze Moon Blade (Munechika) as an exclusive. [They are either covered in Bronze, Silver or Gold. Gold colors have an electric and sparkling effect often taking effect.]

JP Server coats the winner of the Year-End Tournament with the corresponding metal colors of the accessory they used in the tournament should they win.

  • Electro Device (Gold)
    • Red Dragon Tonfa Gold Red Dragon Tonfa (Gold)
    • SuccubusCharmWIn Succubus Charm (Gold)
    • MidnightRulerBronze Midnight Ruler (Bronze)
    • MidnightRulerSilver Midnight Ruler (Silver)
    • MidnightRulerGold Midnight Ruler (Gold)
    • BeelzeBubGold Beelzebub Cloak (Gold)
    • DragonicNaginataSilver Dragonic Naginata (Silver)
    • DragonicNaginataGold Dragonic Naginata (Gold)
    • BlackRainSilver Black Rain (Silver)
    • Black Blade -Mumyo Shikkoku- (Gold)
    • Jiangshi Raiments (Bronze)
    • JiangshiRaimentGold Jiangshi Raiments (Gold) - Renamed as -PREMIUM- in US Server.
    • Infernal Chakram (Bronze)
    • Full Metal Walker (Bronze)
    • MightyFortressGold Mighty Fortress (Gold)
    • Seraphic Cross (Gold)
    • Moon blade munechika exclusive Moon Blade -Munechika- (Bronze) - Renamed as (Exclusive) in US Server.
    • Moon Blade -Munechika- (Silver)
    • OnimaruBladeExclusive Onimaru Blade -Kunitsuna- (Bronze) - Renamed as (Exclusive) is US Server.
    • LuminousCrusadeSilver Luminous Crusade (Silver)
    • Luminous Crusade (Gold)
    • Raging grace silver Raging Grace (Silver)
    • Alastor Rage (Silver)
    • AlastorRageGold Alastor Rage (Gold)
    • Mephistos Folter -Silver- Mephistos Folter -Silver-
    • BlackHoodYatagarasuSilver Black Hood -Yatagarasu- (Silver)
    • Goldpenguin Fancy Costume -Penguin- (Gold)
    • Assassin's Kunai (Gold)
    • Nova Blaze (Silver)
    • Night Raid Silver Night Raid (Silver)
    • Ancient Paleontologist Gold Ancient Paleontologist (Gold)
    • Aeshma Asmodeus Bronze Aeshma Asmodeus (Bronze)
    • Aeshma Asmodeus Silver Aeshma Asmodeus (Silver)
    • Woden Save Gold Woden Save (Gold)
    • Amped Ribbon Gold Amped Ribbon (Gold)

Designer's Accessory

Every year or so, Cyberstep will start taking in ideals in the form of contest from most of the server. Prize winners not only gets the coveted Ultimate Badge, their accessories will be designed, and will be released either in the form of Shop (mostly for the server that hosted it), or in the form of Draws after a few months or earlier/later. (mostly for other servers)

Except for Celie's, 阿畢卡's and Mr_Bubblez' recolors, every other accessory's Designer color were not released in other server at this time.

Japan Server

  • Bullet Note - FLINT (2009) [Shop; US in Shop, Creator was given a Winners recolor with their name.(Gold)]
  • Sun System - ese (2009) [Shop; US in Draw, Creator was given a Winners recolor with their name. (Silver)]
  • Necromancer's Armlet - ティック (Tick) (2011) [Shop; US in Shop, Creator was given a Special recolor with their name. (Black)] (This color was released as a draw in Red Ball. (Soul))
  • Chess Kingdom - JOBOT (2013) [Shop; US in Draw, Creator was given a Winners recolor with their name. (Gold)]
  • Skeletal Bow - 辰巳 (Tatsumi) (2014) [Shop; US in Daily Free Draw, Creator was given a Special recolor with their name. (Cyan)]

North America/International Server

  • Niddhoggr's Flower - chinad011 (2011) [Shop, Creator was given a Special recolor with their name. (Purple)]
  • Serios Saucer - Celie (2013) [Shop, Creator was given a Special recolor with their name. (Orange) Only accessory to have a different recolor name]
  • Ancient Paleontologist - Mr_Bubblez (2015) [Shop, Creator was given a Special recolor with their name. (Silver)]
  • Sky's Caller - ~~*~~ (2016) [Shop, Creator was given a Special recolor with their name. (Faint Red)]

Europe Server (Closed in 2016)

  • Glacial Skates(Duwhej) - Lenta (2013) [Shop; US in Draw, Creator was given a Special recolor with their name. (Cyan)]

Taiwan Server

  • Black Hood -Yatagarasu- - 阿畢卡 (2012) [Shop; US in Draw, Creator was given a Special recolor with their name. (White)] (This color was released as a limited edition draw in Gold Ball (White))
  • Volcanic Arm - 特拉維斯˙塔奇 (2013) [Shop; US in Draw, Creator was given a Special recolor with their name. (Black)]
  • Vector Munitions - 偽名鐵匠53號 (2014) [Summer Card-Exclusive; US in PREMIUM Draw, Creator was given a Special recolor with their name. (Blue)]
  • Diabolic Break - Saints (2014) [Shop; US in PREMIUM Draw, Creator was given a Special recolor with their name. (Blood Red)]
  • Guardian Chain -Hades- - 神鏡月 (2016) [Shop; ??, Creator was given a Special recolor with their name (Green)]
  • Tethys' Grace - 黑岩騎士G (2017) [Shop; ??, Creator was given a Special recolor with their name (Cyan)]

South Korea Server (Run by Windysoft, Status currently unknown)

  • Black Rain - Mizzu (2010) [Shop; US in Draw, Creator was given a Special recolor with their name.]
  • Chemical Warfare - ?? (2011) [Shop; Us in Shop, Creator was given a Special recolor with their name.]

Indonesia Server (Closed in 2016)

  • Careless Architect - TomoyoHime (2015) [Shop; US in Mega Draw, Creator was given a Special recolor with their name.]

French Server (Closed in 2017)

  • Plasma Master - MrPingouin (2016) [Creator was given a Special recolor with the normal name at creator's request "Gachi Muchi". (Amber Jewel and Gold)]


GetAmpedX and GetAmped2 Familiar Accessory

Often, Cyberstep will copy accessory from its predecessor game to successor game and vice versa, along with minor or major moveset changes. All accessory are based by GetAmpedX/Splashfighter debut.

GetAmpedX/SplashFighter Direction copied GetAmped 2
Summoner's Drum > Exotic Summoner's Drum
Phantom Wheel > Iron Maiden
Dancin' Cat < Fancy Cat
Elemental Squire < Elemental Bangle
Pile Smasher > Pile Strike Punisher
Shariah < Areadbhar/Brionac
Trace Blaster > Brave Bayonet
Raving Elegance < Raging Grace
Grim Reaper < Sacrifice Reaper
Bourreau's Rage` < Alastor's Rage
Trueno Espada < Espada Energia
Prussian Gewait < Prussian Kaiser
Gigantic Smasher < Gigantic Arm
Katana Mitsuyo < Otenta Blade -Mitsuyo-
Satanic Inferno < Satanic Glimpse
Creature Arm (Not released) > Ghastly Colossus
Black Dragon Claw < Spectral Dragon Claw
Doujigiri Blade < Doujigiri Blade -Yasutsana-
Heat Haze Blade < Ghost Blade -Shiranui-
Skull Ogre < Demon Skulls
Blast Wing < Combat FS -Unit 02-
Photon Thruster < Assault Jetpack
Pluto Chain < Dis Pater/Catena Pluto
Scorching Camellia / Frost Camellia < Crimson Camellia
Devil's Guitar < Demolition Guitar
Katana Munechika < Moon Blade -Munechika-
Katana Kunitsuna < Onimaru Blade -Kunitsuna-
Katana Juzumaru < Jyuzu-maru -Kanetsurgu-
Disaster Spirit < Mystical Bangle
Fatal Striker (Light and Dark)/ Fatal Conflict (Fire and Ice) < Thanasima Kratos
Brierly Garden < Briar Rose
Revolving Smasher < Meteor Breaker
Mystery Cube > Prism Cube
Emperor's Relic < Emperor's Blade
Luminous Spirit < Brightness Bangle
Rainbow Artist < Vibrant Virtuoso
Zephyr > Heavenly Storm -Seraphim-
?? > All Range Commando
"Order" Musketeers ~ < Noble Arquebus
Jurassic Digger < Ancient Paleontologist
Comical Hamster Suit ~ ? Pretty Costume (Hamster)
Plated Slicer < Fleet Vengeance
Reflective Fighter < Automata Flash
Monstrous Ghoul > Monstrous Ghoul

`No intended translation due to confusion with "Alastor", mace accessory.

~Despite having similar appearance or theme, its behavior is different in overall.

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