Icon Name Type (De)Buffs Stat Reliance Comment
Blazing Arc Blazing Arc Bow None TEC
Thanasima Kratos Thanasima Kratos Dual Spear Strength Weaken, Slow, Voltage Removal, (Debuff) Strength Boost, Haste (Buff) STR
Badmitton Bat Badminton Bat Sports Equipment Many TEC
Chaos Heretic Chaos Heretic Gauntlet Miasmia Bind (Debuff), Shadow Cloak (Self Buff) STR First to feature a miasma-kind attack.
Shekhinah Shekhinah Bow / Wing One Chance (Guts) (Buff) TEC
Alchemical Metal Alchemical Metal Gauntlet None STR
Mighty Fortress Mighty Fortress Gauntlet Fortress Shield (Buff) STR
Spiritual Raiments Yamatengu Spiritual Raiments -Yamatengu- Ancient Deity Spiritual State (Mode Change) STR
Doujigiri Blade Doujigiri Blade -Yasutsuna- Blade / Great Sword Unsheathed (Mode Change) STR
Bloody Swell Bloody Swell Sword Bloody Rip (Debuff) STR
Blaster Goggles Blaster Goggles Goggles / Future Weaponry None TEC
Pretty Costume Dragon Pretty Costume -Dragon- Cosplay / Creature None STR
Grim Grudge Grim Grudge Dual Scythe Soul Speed (Self Buff) STR
Demon Skulls Demon Skulls Magical Equipment Hindering Skull (Debuff) TEC
Lance of Falling Blossoms Lance of the Falling Blossoms Spear Wind Counter (Self Buff) STR
Pretty Costume Tanuki Pretty Costume -Tanuki- Cosplay / Creature Disguise (Self Buff) STR
Metamorphic Saber Metamorphic Saber Blade / Future Weaponry None STR
100 Ton Hammer 100 Ton Hammer Hammer / Joke None STR First Mora-exclusive Accessory released.
Spite of Devils Spite of Devil Daggers / Ancient/Myth Weaponry None STR
Freezing Crest Freezing Crest Badge None STR/TEC
Brave Tiger Brave Tiger Creature None STR
Mega Guard Mega Guard Shield Taunt (Self Buff) STR/DEF/JMP- Features the ability to walk while guarding.
Ghost Blade Shiranui Ghost Blade -Shiranui- Sword Slow, Curse (Debuff) STR
Brave Bayonet Brave Bayonet Shotgun / Modern Weaponry None STR Released along with Draw Tickets
Cruel Claws-Fix Cruel Claw Claw None STR
Crystal Carapice Crystal Carapace Others None STR
Seraphic Cross Seraphic Cross Magical Wand/Staff Heal (Buff) STR
Combat Unit FS 00 Combat FS -Unit 00- Future Weaponry None TEC
Hatred Word Hatred Word Book / Magical Equipment None STR
Greed of Mammon Greed of Mammon Sin Stat Steal (Debuff), Stat Gain ((Self) Buff) STR/TEC Released along with Gambler Style.
Butcher Knife Butcher Knife Sword / Joke None STR Released along with Gambler Style.
Shark King's Harpoon Shark King's Harphoon Spear None STR/TEC
Lightning Blaster Lightning Blaster Gun / Future Weaponry None TEC
Chess Kingdom Chess Kingdom Sword / Toy Rook Guard (Self Buff) STR/TEC (Design Winner "JOBOT" was featured.)
Aegis Gauntlet Aegis Gauntlet Gauntlet Fury Acclimation (Self Buff) STR
Laevatein Laevatein Sword / Ancient/Myth Weaponry Unseal (Mode Change) STR
Mistral Wand Mistral Wand Magical Wand/Staff None TEC
Infernal Lantern Infernal Lantern Others None STR/TEC
Reversal Bracelet Reversal Bracelet Gauntlet / Magical Equipment Reverse Counter (Self Buff) STR
Crimson Camellia Crimson Camelia Kusarigama None STR
Dáinsleif Dáinsleif Sword Blood (Mode Change) STR
Etiquette Fork Etiquette Fork Oversized Tableware / Joke None STR
Pariah's Specter Pariah's Specter Magical Staff/Wand / Others None TEC
Seeker Missiles Seeker Missiles Future Weaponry None TEC
Vertebral Blade Vertebral Blade Sword Nothing but Bones (Debuff) STR
Seiros Saucer Seiros Saucer Toy None STR/TEC
Lunatic Tears Lunatic Tears Magical Wand/Staff / Others Moon Formation (Mode Change), Praise the Moon (Debuff) TEC
Michael's Judgment Michael's Judgement Sword / Wing / Archangel Judgement (Debuff) STR
Trinity Trigger-Fix Trinity Trigger Gun / Claw Ice / Fire Enchantment (Mode Change) TEC
Educational Pointer Educational Pointer Joke None STR
Lightning Arch Lightning Arch Bow Shock Arrow (Debuff) STR
Calligraphic Sage Calligraphic Sage Brush Inked Brush (Self Buff) STR
Ouas Scepter Ouas Scepter Magical Wand/Staff Mummification (Debuff), Anubis Boost (Self Buff) TEC
Gram Splendor Gram Splendor Sword / Scythe Energy Collection (Mode Change) STR/TEC
Kihei Poli'ahu Kihei Poli'ahu Cape None TEC
Lucent Savage Lucent Savage Dagger / Future Weaponry None STR
Glacial Skates Glacial Skates Shoes None STR/SPD