Icon Name Type (De)Buffs Stat Reliance Comment
Onimaru Blade Kunitsuna Onimaru Blade -Kunitsuna- Sword / Great Sword Shock (Debuff) STR
Excel Driller Excel Driller Drill / Hammer None STR
Volcanic Arms Volcanic Arms Gauntlet None STR
Sublime Gladius Sublime Gladius Sword None STR
Dreadnought Dreadnought Modern Weaponry None TEC
Noble Arquebus Noble Arquebus Arquebus / Magical Equipment None TEC
Summoners Stave Summoner's Stave Magical Equipment Speed Up STR
War Halberd Ares War Halberd -Ares- Spear / Shield / Cape Warring (Self Buff) STR
Mercenary Solitude Mercenary Solitude Gauntlet / Future Weaponry None STR/TEC
Ophanim Wing Ophanim Wings Wing None STR
Grasping Hand Grapsing Hand Gauntlet None STR
Howl Radiator Howl Radiator Future Weaponry None STR/TEC
Vicious Rhizome Vicious Rhizome Dual Swords None STR
Wok-Fix Utility Wok Cooking Utensil / Joke None STR
Briar Rose Briar Rose Plant Sleep (Debuff) STR
狂花桜杖 Staff of the Flowering Blossoms Magical Wand/Staff / Plant Confusion (Debuff) TEC
Stiletto-Fix Psychic Stiletto Magical Equipment / Knives None STR Introduced along with Mix Machine saved slots.
Zwei Glanz Zwei Glanz Sword / gun / Future Weaponry Sword / Gun Soul (Mode Change) STR
Viper-Fix Chain Blade -Viper- Flexible Sword None STR
Hatchet-Fix Barbarian Hatchet Axe Defense Hack (Debuff) STR
Cudgel Crush Cudgel Club None STR
Phoenix Phoenix Revival Creature Sacrifice (Single-use Guts) STR/DEF- First to feature a "Guts" ability, at the cost of the phoenix.
Ivy-Fix Ivy Blade Sword / Plant Bind (Debuff) STR
Ravenous-Fix Ravenous Claret Spear None STR
Molten Magma Brands Swords None STR
Soccer-Fix Soccer Shoes Shoes None STR/SPD Released at the time of World Cup Fever 2014.
Mak-Fix3 Murky Auger Gauntlet None TEC
Pistol-Fix Fusillade Duelist Gun / Shotgun None TEC
Gleam-Fix3 Gleaming Ring Gauntlet / Magical Equipment Bright Mode (Mode Change) TEC
Aqua Tidal Scimitar Sword Slow, Bubble (Debuff) STR
Leviathan Envious Leviathan Sin Stat Steal (Debuff), Stat Gain, Envious Strength (Self Buff) STR/TEC
Bullet Meteor Breaker Hammer None STR
MetalToma Metallic Hawk Twin Axes Heated Metal (Self Buff) STR
Laser Satellites Vagrant Cumber Future Weaponry None TEC
Cyber Blader Fleet Vengeance Future Weaponry None STR
Clam Pearl Citadel Creature Shell, Drowning (Debuff) STR&TEC
Shinobi Tools -Jiraiya- Sleight of Shinobi Ninja Tool Substitution Wood (Self Buff) STR/TEC
GyroStinger Gyro Sabre Melee Weapon / Claw None STR/TEC Appears to be "based" on Goto Matabei from Game "Sengoku Basara" [1]
Eclipse Dazzle Lustrous Eclipse Sword Stun, Curse (Debuff) STR
SphereSword Sphere Distorter Sword None STR First to feature Aim movement.
Fending Bastille Fleuret Rapier & Main-Gauche None STR
Ghastly Colossus Ghastly Colossus Creature Mutation (Mode Change) STR
HavocSprayer Havoc Vulcan Future Weaponry None TEC
Fancy Bunny Fancy Rabbit Cosplay / Creature Carrot Energy (Self Buff) STR
Reflecting Scrambler Automata Flash Future Weaponry / Wing None STR/TEC
Searing Burning Blossom Sword / Gun Heat Damage (Self Buff) STR/TEC
Saint spear Sacrosanct Spear Spear / Magical Equipment Unknockable (Buff) TEC
SacredSword Exousia Power Sword Power Provocation (Debuff) STR
Frigidbracer Frigid Bracer Gauntlet None STR
Mjolnir Mjolnir Hammer / Ancient/Myth Weaponry Shock (Debuff) STR
Cyclone Sai Gosammer Tempest Sai / Ninja Tools None STR
Wise Literature Book Mystic Lore Book / Magical Equipment None TEC
Crimson Agony Crimson Agony Dual Dagger Bleed (Debuff), Blood Lust (Mode Change) STR

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