Icon Name Type (De)Buffs Stat Reliance Comment
Adverse Tonitrus Adversa Tonitrus Sword None STR
Torero Capote Torero Capote Cape (Bullfighter/Torero) None STR
Seraphim Windbreaker Heavenly Storm -Seraphim- 6-Blade Wings None STR
Grudge Naginata Halberd of Grievance Naginata Grudging Seal (Prevents afflicted target from using Special or Super Attacks of any kind.) STR +1 STR, -1 DEF on using this accessory. Also possess Imposing Stance by default, increasing damage slightly with lower health.
Takanori Phantom Cannon -Sutoku- Ghost Gun Empowered Soul (Buff, one use), Fracture Curse (Debuff) TEC(?)
All Range Commando All Range Commando Gun Arsenal (Rifle, Rocket Launcher, Dual Pistol) None TEC
Exoskeleton Purger Exoskeleton Purge Exoskeleton Single Gauntlet Heavy Weight (Initial State: SPD 4, DEF 8), Light Weight (Fall to certain HP percentage: SPD 8, DEF 4) STR Features a special Fixed-Stat for accessory wielders. Cannot change regardless of style or skill.
Endurance Core Endurance Core Earth's Hammer/Core Earth's Anger (Accumulated while guarding attack, consumed when countering or using Special/Super attack while on full anger) STR Features reduced chip damage when successfully guarding an attack.
Pretty Costume -Hamster- Pretty Costume -Hamster- Pretty Costume Storage Cheek, Sunflower Seed Boost STR
Decapitation Conceal Shadow Massacre Dual Scythe Targeted (Debuff, certain moves will target the afflicted. Special/Super attacks towards the targeted gets restored max MP on kill.) STR
Orleans Stake Pieu D'Orleans Sword and Cape ?? STR Takes reduced damage from Fire Element Attack, recovering MP at the same time.
Cybernetic Sneak Ambush Cybernetics Energy blade and Shuriken None STR
Guardian Chain Hades Hound Puppet Puppet / Demon Curse STR Created by 神鏡月 (2015/2016). First released at TW server.
Blossom Rifle -Beniyutaka- Blossom Rifle -Beniyutaka- Rifle Blossom Seed (Buff, de-buff) STR/TEC
Bilocation Dagger Shade Apparition Dual Dagger Alter Ego (Clone Spot) STR/SPD
Angelic Assistance Angelic Charity Staff and Mechanical Wings Slow, (debuff) ?? TEC Designed as a "support" accessory, unlike other accessory.
Divide Seal Shackle Divide Sword (Shackled) Shackled State (Up to 3 times, 4th fully unleash its combo.) STR More moveset becomes available after using specific combo moveset. 3 Shackles in total.
Climate Temper Climate Temper Staff None STR
Hermit Accessory Light Arcana [Hermit] Lantern and Rod ?? TEC? Start of the Tarot Card Series Accessory.
Variation Orb Mutation Orb Large Sphere (GAI Tech) None STR -JMP, Heavy weight whilst using this accessory.
Deep Sea Cane Tethys' Grace Cane ?? STR Created by "黑岩騎士G" (2017). First released at TW Server.
Compound Archer Compound Archer Bow None TEC
Ancient Ghoul Ancient Ghoul Costume Bind STR
FireDragon Claw Crimson Dragon Claws Claws None STR Accessory's performance will increase when used with style, "Fighter".