Icon Name Type (De)Buffs Stat Reliance Obtainable and Year Comment
Valentine Candy Bag Valentine Candy Bag Bag Valentine-Related Buff TEC Lovely Valentine Event (2012, any of the girls.)
Dream Sack Dream Sack Bag Present Giving, Stun (Debuff), Revival, Voltage Boost, Infinity Weapon (Buff) STR Christmas Event (2013, from Shops in JP, from Events in other servers)
Sweet Honey Bag Sweet Honey Bag Bag Valentine-Related Buff STR White Day Event (2013, any of the boys)
Memory Film Memory Film Others Stun (Debuff) TEC Summer Event (2013, Hanabi)
Vermilion Gust Vermilion Gust Fan None STR Halloween Event (2013, Lilio)
Thronchestnut Thorny Chestnut Fruit-Based Weapon Prickled Feet ('Stun') STR Halloween/?? Event (2016, Lilio)
Despair Sack Despair Sack Bag Nightmare Present, Stun, Curse (Debuff), Infinity Weapon (Buff) STR Christmas Event (2014, Lilio)
Heartbreak Candy Bag Heartbreak Candy Bag Bag Valentine-Related Debuff TEC Lovely Valentine Event (2014, Lilio)
Salted Honey Bag Salted Honey Bag Bag Valentine-Related Debuff STR White Day Event (2014, Kathy)
Easter Basket Easter Basket Bag Stun (Debuff), Easter Blessing (Buff) STR Easter Day/Summer Event (2014, Sparks/Jacky Noboru for Easter Day, Hanabi for Summer)
Blooming Lily Blooming Lily Rapier  ?? (Debuff) STR Easter Day Event (2016, Lilio. JP has it as Mora Prize.)
Water Water Balloon Toy Slow (Debuff) TEC Summer Event (2014, Hanabi)
Holy Crosier Holy Crosier Staff Sheep Lay (Debuff) STR Easter Day/Summer Event (2015, Hanabi)
Telescope Planetary Telescope Telescope None STR Summer Event (2016, Hanabi)
Christmas Turkey Major Feast Food Strength Boost (Buff/Self Buff) STR Christmas Event (2015, Lilio)
Heartful Cupid Heartful Cupid Bow Rose Bundle (Debuff), Curse (Debuff) STR White Day Event (2016, Lilio)
Ornamental Tree Ornamental Evergreen Suit Speed Buff (Team GAT only), Stun (Debuff) STR Christmas Event (2016, Lilio)
Bonbon Machinegun Bonbon Machinegun Candy Weaponry Chocolate (Stun, Debuff) TEC White Day Event (2017)