Wild style that destroys everything with superhuman power.

Attack Moveset

Attack Command Attack Name Effect Additional Properties
Weak Combo Bestial Combo Strikes ravagely with this combo.
Weak Last Savage Throw Lunge a grab at foe, slamming them on ground.
Strong Combo Brutal Blow Brutally strikes with a fist.
Strong Last Brutal Crush Strikes downward forcefully with a fist. Can be charged to be unblockable.
Step Rage Shot Kicks their face with a brutal kick. Causes light knockdown when hit.
Weak Dash Reaper Spin Strikes with a strong kick in a complete turn.
Strong Dash Power Quake Strikes down with a leg slam. Can ground pursuit.
Weak Jump Battle Shoot Kicks down in air.
Strong Jump Strike Break Strikes down forcefully with a fist.
Standing/Dash Special Rage/Roar Cast Grabs downed opponent, jumping up to throw them down, knocking down anyone that could be in the way. Does nothing at standing opponent. Lower MP cost in comparison to other specials.
Standing/Dash Super Fury/Howl Javelin Same as above, but throws them mercilessly down deeper to the ground, leaving them buried momentarily. Cannot ground pursuit. Anyone in the way gets knocked back.
Counter Blow Crush Slams striking foes down with a simple, but brutal crush.


  • This style is the first to feature a ground pursuit special/super attack.
  • It has more HP at start, but its MP is reduced by half, being the first and only style to possess it.
    • This is changed after the Stat update in 2016, with the Wrestler boasting more health at no MP penalty, but less than this style.

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