A katana which is known as one of the Great Five Swords, refined by ancient master Yasutsana. A legend says its flaming blade cleaned up demons in the ancient capital. This is an exact replica made from Wingdom's technology.

Style Equipable
FighterM FighterF SoldierW SoldierB SpyW SpyB HeroW HeroB KnightG KnightW
No No No No No No Yes Yes No No
DancerG DancerW MartialArtistM MartialArtistF NinjaM NinjaF MagicianM PsychicF WrestlerM WrestlerF
No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
UnicornB UnicornR BeastKingT BeastKingW KnightGearR KnightGearG FairyW FairyG AndroidW AndroidB
No No Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes Yes
EnchanterF EnchanterM BerserkerM BerserkerF GamblerM GamblerF Placeholder Placeholder
No No Yes Yes No No No No

Attack Moveset

Moveset Name Uncompromising Heart
Slash Attack with large blade.
Type Name Cleansing Flame (Scabbard is removed, causing the flames on blade to be released, allowing more damage and combo hits at the cost of MP over time.)
Inherit Name Master Fencer
Dash Special/Super (Unsheathed) "Demons Flamed Dash/Rush" Retains ability to hold on the attack at the cost of mp over time.
Attack Command Attack Name Effect Additional Properties
Weak Combo Long Handle Attack Punch and kick while still holding the blade.
Weak Last Scabbard Uppercut/Flamed Blade (Unsheathed) Strikes foes upwards. Unsheathed version cause flames. Can be charged in both version to become unblockable.
Strong Combo Streaming Slashes Cuts foes across with the large blade. Unsheathed version allows 2-3 more combos
Strong Last Hollow Attack/Flamed Cleave Burrows the blade before striking upwards. Unsheathed version launches a flame slash. Can be charged in both version to become unblockable.
Step Gale-hilt Strike with the hilt of the blade.
Weak Dash Gale-scabbard/Flamed Rising-cut Strike foes upwards with a rising cut. Can be charged in both version to become unblockable.
Strong Dash Scabbard Attack/Flamed Slash Sweeps foes across with the large blade. Unsheathed versions can follow up with 3 more slashes.
Weak Hold Dancing Scabbard Unsheath the scabbard, activating the cleansing flames within the blade itself. Tossed scabbard knocks nearby foes back.
Strong Hold Scabbard/Burning Cleave Lunge at the foe while the blade is buried at ground, swiping them away at range.
Standing Special/Super Demons Hunt/Demolish Swings the blade with two hit combo. Chained hits cause additional strikes. Super Version strikes thrice before sending foes flying.
Standing Special/Super (Unsheathed) Demon Hunt/Demolish Slash Same as above, but Special version acts like Super version of the above, whereas Super Version slices the foe with a downward cut at the end.
Dash Special/Super Demons Dash/Rush Swipes the foes four time before sending them upwards with an upper swipe. Super Version deals three more strikes.
Dash Special/Super (Unsheathed) Demons Flamed Dash/Rush Same as above, but you can hold onto the Special/Super at the cost of more MP after the attack finishes.
Jump Special/Super Aerial Scabbard Hit/Smash Strikes downwards, sending foe into an unrecoverable position for the player to follow up with another special/super.
Jump Special/Super Pursuit Scabbard (Savage) Thrust Swings the foe as a bat to knock them away. Super Version strikes a few more hits before sending them flying.
Jump Special/Super (Unsheathed) Aerial Flamed/Savage Slash Same as Sheathed.
Jump Special/Super Pursuit (Unsheathed) Thrust Flame/Flamed Savage Slash Same as Sheathed, except the last hit always send foes flying.
Counter Counter Skills Directly kicks them at where they are not paying attention when they attack.


  • Doujigiri Blade, along with its other Great Swords brethren, appeared in GetAmpedX/Splashfighter with different name and moveset.