A basket packet to the brim with colorful Easter Eggs. Scatter the eggs everywhere and make a festive Easter celebration!

Style Equipable
All Styles can use this.

Attack Moveset

Moveset Name Happy Easter~!
Attack with Easter Eggs
Inherit Name Easter Surprise

Strong Hold Attack.

Attack Command Attack Name Effect Additional Properties
Strong Combo Egg Toss A two hit combo, throws eggs at opponent
Strong Last Double Throw Last hit that knocks opponent, deals two hits Can be held for extra damage and extra hit.
Strong Dash Basket Smash Spins around with basket Can be held longer.
Strong Hold Egg Surprise Places a egg in the ground Gives either a DEF Buff, or stun players.
Standing Special/Super Easter Present/Party Toss eggs at opponents, encasing them. Any players hit by it will be unable to attack. Super version tosses 3 eggs, and its debuff lasts longer.
Counter (while turned into an egg) - Strikes opponent with his egg shell While turned into an egg, players can counter attack, and can release themselfes after pressing any attack command 8 times.