All - mighty style.

Balanced in both speed and power.

Attack Moveset

Attack Command Attack Name Effect Additional Properties
Weak Combo Karate Combo Simple Combo Strikes
Weak Last Attack (M) Turning Kick A turning Kick
Weak Last Attack (F) Continuous Kick Three repeated Kick
Strong Combo Backfist Simple backfist
Strong Last Attack Rising Kick Kick upwards, send foes up in air.
Step Attack Elbow Hit Hits with elbow, staggers.
Weak Dash Palm Rush Push with both palms.
Strong Dash Smashing Kick Kicks forcefully.
Weak Jump Jumping Kick Kicks on air.
Strong Jump Throwing Kick Kicks to ground on air.
Standing/Dash Special Explosion Kick 4 Combo strikes, followed by a ringout kick.
Standing/Dash Super True Explosion Kick 5 Combo strikes, followed by a ringout kick. Cannot be interrupted halfway.
Counter Turning Kick Swift kicks the target, downing them.

Fighter lends itself to being an all-rounder with a slight focus toward mobility, allowing it to easily navigate around terrain and enemies alike. A wide range of moves and a few good approaches also supplement this in combat.

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