A gambler style

Overcome any obstacles with extraordinary luck.

Attack Moveset

Attack Command Attack Name Effect Additional Properties
Weak Combo Fair Rush Swift strikes with arm and leg.
Weak Last Reject Shot Rejects hits with a quick kick.
Strong Combo Wonder Leg Sweeps with a leg.
Strong Last Flux Card Swipes foes up with two large card. Card color depends on the gender style used.
Step Dispel Hand Dispelling with a quick strike on hand.
Weak Dash Cyclonic Shot Strikes with a kick. Can be held to turn around for a moment before delivering an even more potent kick.
Strong Dash Mercurial Card Swift sweep with two large card. Can be held to instead jump into the air and turn around, striking with a single card.
Weak Jump Removal Shot Kicks in air.
Strong Jump Wing Card Strikes with two large card downwards.
Strong Hold Gambler Roulette Spawns a gold roulette on the ground at the cost of MP. Only one roulette per player may be around at any one time. Will only stay for a short period of time. When the roulette is attacked, the wheel will stop spinning and it will grant the prize of whichever slot stopped at. The slot could give Wins, Score crystals, Strenght and Speed Drinks, Gori Gori Meats or in the worst cases, an explotion.
Standing/Dash Special Lucky Dice Spawns a Dice on the player's Hand. Follows up with a Dice Throw when executed. Number on top Dice will tell you how much potential damage it deals. 1 and 2 Pokes, 3 and 4 hits normally, and 5 and 6 sends foes flying on impact, but only 6 can break guards and bypass reversal special/super attacks. Shoot Element. (As of a balance patch, the dice can be re-rolled for less MP by hitting the special button while holding it.)
Standing/Dash Super Fortune Dice Same as above, but with more potential.
Counter Reversal Hand Reverse back with a quick chop.

The Gambler style is a high risk high reward style and is pretty much the tech version of Berserker, which calls for a drastic change in how you would play them. While the Berserker's main form of damage comes from a solid rushdown game by closing the distance with above average speed, Gamblers don't have the strength to make great use of their basic skills on their own. As their high tech stat would imply, they are often better at playing keep-away, zoning enemies, or supporting teammates using their ranged options, seldom choosing melee options unless needed to knock an opposing target away so that they can continue to keep a comfortable distance for their damaging attacks to have the greatest effect and safety as possible. They're also natural scouts thanks to their high TEC, making it very easy to view opponents from different elevations and long distances by simply aiming.


  • This style is one of the few to feature an alternate block animation, the other being Enchanter.
  • Gambler is one of the few styles which has a hold attack. The others are Beast King, Telepather and Enchanter.
  • When using the Gambler Roulette hold attack, the player tosses a Gold coin, this gold coin is actually the old model for the Lucky Coins Old Lucky Coin
  • Male Gambler uses the "King of Clubs" card while female Gambler uses the "Queen of Diamonds" card. this is also reflected in their respective weapons.

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