Power Style.

No.1 attack power and superhuman strength!

Attack Moveset

Attack Command Attack Name Effect Additional Properties
Weak Combo Hero Combo Slow strikes with fist.
Weak Last / Counter Knee Upper Ends with a knee on the foe. Knocks down heavy foes
Strong Combo Hammer Up Strikes with a fist up like a hammer. Strikes twice if hit connects.
Strong Last Hero Hammer Strikes down like a hammer with dual fist. Can be charged to bypass guard and launch.
Step Dashing Slap Slap with a palm.
Weak Dash Jumping Smash Smacks foes and stop them halfway with a large palm.
Strong Dash Double Chop Runs at foes with double chop in a cross position.
Weak Jump Mid-Air Slap Slaps at air with a palm.
Strong Jump Jumping Knee Kick Strikes down with dual fist.
Standing/Jumping Special Ice Breath Hits foes with ice breath to freeze them. Turns around completely to jump up if used on ground.
Standing/Jumping Super Freezing Breath Same as above, but strikes twice before freezing them on third hit.


  • The original name used was "Juggernaut" in Japan, and some other Server. It is currently the only other style that has a changed default voice after a certain update.

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