Defense Style.

Clad in removable armor and good at direct fights.

Attack Moveset

Attack Command Attack Name Effect Additional Properties
Weak Combo Grand Combo Slaps twice with palm.
Weak Last / Counter Headbutt Ends the strike with a direct headbutt. Weak Last can be charged, Super armor during the charge frames.
Strong Combo Grand Kick Gives a large kick with your foot.
Strong Last Overturn Flip your foes upwards with both arm.
Step Knight Slap Slaps with palm.
Weak Dash Rocket Head-Butt Strikes with a large palm.
Strong Dash Dash Slap Slaps foes both way with both palm together.
Weak Jump Mid-Air Slaps Does what the name says, slap in air.
Strong Jump Jumping Head-butt Delivers a headbutt to the direction it faces.
Standing Special Hand Crush Strikes with a headbutt directly up, sending foes flying at impact. Super Armor during the whole duration.
Standing Super Knight Rocket Same as above, but flips foes off first. Cannot be interrupted between flip and headbutt.

Knight lends itself to be a defense oriented style. This high defense makes them able to resist glass-cannons, while being able to attack back. SPD and STR are lacking, so Knight is somewhat stifled by extremely mobile styles or ones able to keep the enemy afar. Because of its lack of speed, Knight is often best used as a tank to be put between your enemy and more frail teammates.


  • The original name used was "Armor" in Japan, and some other Server.
  • The description refers to the "Armor" style in GetAmpedX/SplashFighters, as they have the ability to remove armor just to increase speed, which the Knights here does not have.
  • As of the 2016/2017 balance patch, Knight takes less chip damage when guarding in comparison to other styles, and is the only style to do so.

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