Moon Blade -Munechika-
Release Date (Japan) N/A
Release Date (US) N/A
Event No
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Stat Reliance

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A katana known as one of the Five Great Swords, refined by the ancient master Munechika. Its name came from its distinguished crescent shaped edge. This is an exact replica made with Wingdom's technology.

Style Equipable
FighterM FighterF SoldierW SoldierB SpyW SpyB HeroW HeroB KnightG KnightW
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
DancerG DancerW MartialArtistM MartialArtistF NinjaM NinjaF MagicianM PsychicF WrestlerM WrestlerF
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
UnicornB UnicornR BeastKingT BeastKingW KnightGearR KnightGearG FairyW FairyG AndroidW AndroidB
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
EnchanterF EnchanterM BerserkerM BerserkerF GamblerM GamblerF Placeholder Placeholder
No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Other Colors
Bronze (Exclusive)

Attack Moveset

Moveset Name Tough & Brave
Attack by moon blade.
Inherit Name Issen
Weak Hold "Senko-getsu" Damage is reduced, you do not turn back when hit connect.
Attack Command Attack Name Effect Additional Properties
Weak Combo Minazuki 3-strike combo with moon blade.
Weak Last Tsuki-shimo End the combo with a single swipe from the blade itself.
Strong Combo Nazuki Cut from above.
Strong Last Gessho Swipes the blade up in air, sending foes up in air. Can be charged to become unblockable.
Step Kogetsu Simple jab with the blade.
Weak Dash Senpu-zuki Violently swipes the blade across.
Strong Dash Rekku-getsu Swipes the blade up in air. Can be charged to become unblockable.
Weak Hold Senko-getsu Dash a short distance, leaving smoke behind. If hit connect, strike the blade upwards at the foe after a delay.
Strong Hold Tuki-gake Hops up in air as the blade swings up, sending foe upwards. Can be charged to swipe at ground instead as an unblockable, knocking foes back.
Weak Jump Cho-getsu Kick in air.
Strong Jump Getsu-son Swipes the blade in a crescent shape. Can be charged to send foe upwards with two slash, and becoming unblockable.
Special/Super (all 3) Moon Blade -New/Full Moon- (Standing)/-Eclipse/Occultation- (Dash)/ -Quarter Moon- (Jump) Swipes foe with the power of moon blade. Super version slash thrice, and send foes flying upwards.
Counter Ara-zuki Counters with a surprise kick.


  • Moon Blade, along with its other Great Swords brethren, appeared in GetAmpedX/Splashfighter with different name and moveset.