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Mora Shrine is one of the few places you can enter around the game, this featuring a Bingo Card gameset.

How to enter: Once you've obtained "Lucky Coins", Mora Shrine will be available. First time you visit, the Mysterious Priest will ask you to throw in 1 Lucky Coin. You can refuse this offer, however, you will be rewarded with 5000 W and 100 Holy Sword Onidance.

Bingo Prizes

Squares filled Prizes
2 Educational Pointer -Mid Grade-, Twin Blade -Moon- (Black), Riotous Thunder
3 Mysterious Horn (Lime), Petit Devil Set (Star), Angelic Ring (Pure), Omusa Yellow's Body Press Card x1
4 Unicorn Powder x1, Moonlight Flower x1, Rare Mix Ticket x1, Resurrection Ticket x1
5 Score Boost Ticket x1, Win Boost Ticket x1, Experience Boost Ticket x1
6 ~ 15 Space Guardian, Cool Soldier, Main Eventer, Emergency Exit Device x1
16 ~ 20 Beasenti Pod x1, Great Squid's Leg x2, Hsien Peach x2, VAL Fighter, Triple Tomahawk x5
21 ~ 25 Itarmin Pod x1, Magical Broom x10, VAL Soldier, Avyontium x5, Gigantic Candy x5
26 ~ 30 Fiery Ore of Sun x1, NYAAN, Freezing Ore of Comet x1, Meow Voice, Stormy Ore of Jupiter x1
31 ~ 70 Mars Cactus x2, Double Grenade x2, Butterfly Wings x2, 3-Way Dagger x2, Avyon Water x2
71 > 1,000 Win, Flesh of Mammoth x1, Active Mercury x1, Moa-Moa Bird Wings x1

Other Bingo Prizes (Previous)

These are the previous prizes that were inside. Some of them returns, while others are considered retired.

2 Squares Filled
Snowman Costume
Twin Blade -Moon- (Topaz)
Twin Blade -Moon- (Emerald)
100 Ton Hammer
Butcher Knife
Educational Pointer
Educational Pointer -Professional-
Etiquette Fork
Utility Wok
Green Onion
Infernal Roar
Riotous Thunder
3 Squares Filled
Counter Spin Card
Angelic Ring
Mysterious Horn (Lime)
Blowing Kiss Card
Imperial Flag -Outbreak-
Genius Glasses -Candy-
Arm Blaster (Cyan)
Omusa Yellow's Body Press Card
Lion Mask -Courage-

Bingo-Only Accessory

These accessories mostly only exist as prizes in Mora Shrine. (some servers have them as prizes in other methods)

Picture Name
100 Ton Hammer
Butcher Knife
Educational Pointer
Educational Pointer -Professional-
Educational Pointer -Mid Grade-
Etiquette Fork
Green Onion
Utility Wok
Barbarian Hatchet
Infernal Roar
Riotous Thunder
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