A gauntlet that enables you to create sonic waves through the speed of your fist! The waves will attack the opponent like a phantom. It is so powerful that only one can be equipped at a time.

Style Equipable
FighterM FighterF SoldierW SoldierB SpyW SpyB HeroW HeroB KnightG KnightW
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
DancerG DancerW MartialArtistM MartialArtistF NinjaM NinjaF MagicianM PsychicF WrestlerM WrestlerF
No Yes Yes No Yes
UnicornB UnicornR BeastKingT BeastKingW KnightGearR KnightGearG FairyW FairyG AndroidW AndroidB
No No No No No
EnchanterF EnchanterM BerserkerM BerserkerF GamblerM GamblerF ThiefM ThiefF Placeholder Placeholder
Yes Yes No Yes

Attack Moveset

Moveset Name
Inherit Name Rapture Arm
Strong Hold Attack "Phantom Cannon" Knocks enemies down on ground rather than firing upwards.
Attack Command Attack Name Effect Additional Properties
Strong Combo Fist Extend Strikes a single punch with the knot's gauntlet. Can be held to shoot off ranged phantom.
Strong Last Phantom Fang Fires a phantom shot at anyone at front. Can be held to become unblockable.
Strong Dash Evolve Shooter Swings back at the foe after the run before knocking them up on air. First Strong hit can be held to fire off a single phantom shot.
Strong Dash Pursuit Geist Cannon Fires a phantom shot at the foe on air after knocking them up in air..
Strong Jump Spirit Cannon Fires a single phantom shot down on ground at very low angle. Can be held to fire two, but very slow recharged phantom shots.
Weak Hold Wild Throw Quickly grabs anyone nearby, before slamming him/her on the ground, bouncing them up in air. Unblockable.
Strong Hold Phantom Cannon Fires a phantom shot up in air, intentionally aimed against the pesky jumpers and aerial foes.
Standing Special Phantom Beat Smacks foes upwards, sending them off nearby with several phantom shots.
Standing Super Inscribe Beat Activates the power of the Knot, slams the foe sideways, following with barrage of phantom shots before sending them flying with a huge phantom blast. Remains invincible throughout the activation of the Knot, and can't be blocked on the first hit.
Dash Special Wild Beat Grabs nearby foe, swinging to the opposite facing while dragging him/her on ground, before tossing them upwards, following up with a huge phantom shot.
Dash Super Wild Geist Aims at the foe with the Knot, punching twice and doing the same as Special, except throwing him/her upwards before firing two phantom shot, the second one instantly sends the foe flying straight up.
Jump Special Knot Shooting Fires three straight, but huge phantom shot down on ground.
Jump Super Knot Discharge Aims at the foe with the Knot, before firing six phantom shots in a straight row, with the last shot charged up, sending the foe flying.