A giant chakram which reminds one of a halo when worn on the back. You can make it rotate around your arms and slash your enemies or throw it!

Style Equipable
FighterM FighterF SoldierW SoldierB SpyW SpyB HeroW HeroB KnightG KnightW
Yes No No No No
DancerG DancerW MartialArtistM MartialArtistF NinjaM NinjaF MagicianM PsychicF WrestlerM WrestlerF
Yes Yes Yes No No
UnicornB UnicornR BeastKingT BeastKingW KnightGearR KnightGearG FairyW FairyG AndroidW AndroidB
Yes No No No No
EnchanterF EnchanterM BerserkerM BerserkerF GamblerM GamblerF ThiefM ThiefF Placeholder Placeholder
No No No No

Attack Moveset

Moveset Name Improvisation
Cutting Attack
Inherit Name Sun Ascension
Weak Last Attack, "Cut Down [sun]" Reduced hitbox.
Attack Command Attack Name Effect Additional Properties
Weak Combo Continuous Attack [Afterimage] A kick followed by two slashes.
Weak Last Cut Down [sun] Jumps forward, slashing with the ring, downing anyone hit.
Strong Combo Swing Down [sunset] Swings ring overhead. Can hit downed targets.
Strong Last Swing Around [sunlight] Spins ring around on arm, launching anyone hit.
Strong Pursuit Pursuit [sunshine] If the Strong Last attack connected and launched, the button can be pressed again to performing even more spins of the ring, further launching the target higher into the air and doing more damage.
Weak Step Cut [sunlight] Spins ring once to hit the target.
Weak Dash Continuous Attack [heat haze] Spins ring once to hit the target. The button can be pressed again to perform a copy of the Weak Last Attack.
Strong Dash Swing Around [dawn] Copy of the Strong Last Attack, save a higher, un-recoverable launch.
Weak hold Throw [sun] Throws the ring like a boomerang, traveling in a small circle and downing anyone in it's path before returning to the user. Continues on it's path, even if targets are hit.
Strong Hold Throw [daystar] Same as Weak Hold Attack, but more damage and throws in a wider circle.
Standing special Esoterica [sundown] Performs a series of slashes before performing a final slash that ringout's. Super does more hits. Animation continues regardless
Standing Super Esoterica [equality]
Dash Special Esoterica [sunrise] Dash variant of the standing specials.
Dash Super Esoterica [nature]
Counter Counter Attack [reflection] Jumps forward, slashing with the ring, downing anyone hit.

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