I'd like to say that the Inherited skill name for Lichten Warter is "Felsbeben".

- ~~Curse'd~~ GA2 BR Server

I decided to delete all the criminal pages, since they are pointless and the only thing they did was taking more unnesesary space in the wiki. Vaculty, if you are reading this, make my deletions permanent if possible, since it's easier to add a small bio of every criminal in one single page instead of making multiple pages of every single enemy in the game. Thank you.

- DragonFaku

It is worth mentioning that Fabrico's mission, "Unwelcome Visitor", actually has three possible bosses: X Initry, X Intarim, and X Infinti. Initry and Infinti are both blue however, and are thus often confused for eachother. 

FrostQuartz (talk) 16:55, December 29, 2015 (UTC)Masel/FrostQuartz

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