While some styles change the damage input or range of accessories, Telepather is the only style in the game that changes the effects of some accessories. (It is also worth noting that none of the accessories buffed by Telepather have their moves overwritten by this style or Enchanter.)

Accessory List


Accessory Name

Attack Command

Attack Name



Deity's Crystal Deity's Crystal All attacks Slight damage increase.
Schelmischer Freund Shelmischer Freund Weak Hold Shoots 3 ghosts instead of 1.

Jack Mirage

Jack Mirage Weak Hold Splitting Throw The card has a slight homing effect. Can be held for more distance.
Strong Hold Multi Deck Burst Faster execution.

Necromancer Armlets

Necromancer's Armlets Weak Hold Malice of the Dead The skulls have a homing effect.
Strong Hold Necro-Gaze Drains more MP than usual.

Mystic Broom

Mystic Broom Jump Special Wonder Summon The special can last longer if it's held further. This change only applies to the Female Psychic
Jump Super Magical Summon
Icicle Wand Icicle Wand Standing Special Ice Wall Aiming particle moves faster, allowing for more distance.
Standing Super Iceberg
Jump Special Freeze Wall
Jump Super Ice Statsis
Ignis Wand Ignis Wand Weak / Strong Hold Blast Curse / Ignis Prison Size / Range / Speed Increase
Hatred Word Hatred Word Weak Hold Gloomy Soul Range Increase.
Strong Hold Bloody Sign Duration Increase.
狂花桜杖 Staff of the Flowering Blossoms Standing Special/Super Full Bloom / Midnight Bloom Debuff lasts longer. Unaware if this affects the inherit.
Weak Hold Stationary Storm Duration increase.
Strong Hold First Spring Storm Range Increase.
Reversal Bracelet Reversal Bracelet Dash Special/Super Gospel Blade / Fortune Blade Range increase. Unaware if this affects the inherit.
Mistral Wand Mistral Wand Weak Hold Mystic Twister Tornadoes last longer. Doesn't affect the inherit.
Standing Special Mystic Storm
Standing Super Mystic Cyclone
Mak-Fix3 Murky Auger Strong Hold Murky Chasm Portals last much longer. Unaware if this affects the inherit.
Wise Literature Book Mystic Lore Weak Last Bolt of Thunder Gains twice as much MP as it drains.
Strong Last Rush of Ice
Weak Hold Magic Rob
Strong Jump Ball of Fire
Strong Hold Spirit Extraction Restores much more MP.
Eclipse Dazzle Lustrous Eclipse Strong Hold Holy Blast / Dark Shot Range Increase.
Saint spear Sacrosanct Spear Weak Hold Hallowed Foil Can be held longer. Unaware if this affects the inherit.
Strong Hold Divine Realm Buff lasts almost twice as long(?)
Ouas Scepter Ouas Scepter Weak Hold Jackal Aura Duration increase
Strong Hold (2nd) Deity Shine Increase in MP gained.
Stardust Wand Stardust Wand Standing Special and Super Summons more comets.
Mystical Bangle Mystical Bangle Weak Hold Cast time reduced.
Strong Hold
Freezing Crest Freezing Crest Weak Hold Throws more icicles.
Strong Hold Range Increase
Summoners Stave Summoner's Stave Strong Pursuit Spirit Release Increased MP drain.
Strong Hold Mind Release
Perkunas Wand Perkunas Wand Weak Hold Travels further and faster.
Seraphic Cross Seraphic Cross Weak Hold Drops twice as many crosses.
Kihei Poli'ahu Kihei Poli'ahu Weak Hold Hau Kea Increased range.
Strong Hold Makani Ka'apuni Lasts longer and goes further.
Luminescent Corona Luminescent Corona Weak Hold Lunar Chase Range and homing increase
Strong Hold Solar Attack Range Increase
Forceful Design Forceful Design Strong Hold Recovers more MP
NorthernEmpress Northern Empress (Passive) All mirrors stay out longer.
Strong Hold Restores more MP.