• To anyone whose still looking at the wiki for Inherit and such, I am still around. Thing is that lately as majority of CS' update are mostly accessories, the update has been... pretty lacking. I apologize, but at the moment, there really aren't much updates I can place aside from inherits and accessories themselves.

    If anyone wish to contribute, like introducing a new background for here, feel free to reply to this message, it would be beneficial.

    Also, What do you guys want in the wiki? Say away.

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    • i think you're wiki meed more things about the story and rank prises.

      sorry for spelling, im brazilian

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    • The Story is up to date, can you please elaborate on what else needs to be added?

      The Rank prizes would be great if I know what each of them gives.

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    • Im was playing getamped 1 and when i got playing getamped 2, i see the story is conected. But the story is not in the wiki so please put it. thank you.

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      We can't post the story unless we know where to find a proper one.

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    • Also, I noticed there is a community post regarding the "tier" list of each accessory.

      I will not add that into consideration, seeing how the 'opness' of the accessory depends on how others uses. In this case, a person who has a hard time trying to use it would find it shitty, while the other person who knows how to utilize its moveset well would find it easy to dominate others with it.

      To admins: Please do NOT add that on that note as well. Thank you.

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    • I recommend update more on the accescory. I couldn't even find blazing arc T^T. Others are great! Thx

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