Tournaments are events hosted by Gamemasters of Cyberstep. Players battle in tournament, in hopes of getting the top prize.

What is it?

Cyberstep often host tournaments in their own server, be it for event, or for celebrations of certain happenings. Whenever an announcement appears regarding a tournament, players have to register in SBS (community page), or sometimes, by mail.

Early birds usually would get the spot at tournament, whereas the latecomers are placed into reserve list, in the event where the player does not make it for the tournament, one of the reserves will fill it in on their spot and gets the prize (provided they win).

Possible Types and Rewards

There are several types of tournaments, and rewards as well.

Normal (Free for all)
Team (In groups of three or four, usually with one standby player)
Restricted (Can be Single or Team, restricted to a certain requirement. (Style, Accessory, Weapon))
Themed (Can be Single or Team, restricted to a certain themed accessory.)
Others (Rules set by GM not listed in any of the four.)
Possible Rewards
Metal/Platinum-colored Accessory (Rare)
Gold/Silver/Bronze/Metal Trophy on Back, or Furniture.
Super/Ultimate Style Rank (Only on some country, or on Style-Restricted.)
Champion's League Qualifier (Only on some country and tournaments.)
Gold/Silver Crown Decoration (Currently only in Japan for First and Second Place Winner/Winning Team)
Other Miscellaneous

Champion's League

Watimiss New Player: "I'm Driller and what is this?"
This player here is questioning about the integrity of this release, which is not yet live on English Server or is only available on its said server. Its content and name may be moved/changed once its available in English Server.

Champion's League is a special tournament held by Cyberstep once a year in Japan Server, where all champions of that year duke it out against each other in a free-for-all arena battle for the ultimate prize.

What is it?

Across the globes where the game has settled into, several server moderators are qualified to give the 'qualifying ticket' as the top prize to the best individual champion of regular tournament. Once the champion has been settled, their names will be recorded over to the main server, and kept on there until the event.

Few days before the event, all character accounts (except Japan server accounts) which are qualified for this league will be created with a Triple Fighter 3 and a special green VIP tag on their character, signalling they have access to every accessory, style, weapon, voice, skin, and whatnot that is currently available. However, it only stays on until the end of the tournament, after which it gets deleted.

Qualified Servers


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