A cutting edge gun built to be able to communicate with man-made satellites. By establishing a marker, you can signal for a laser attack from a corresponding satellite!

Style Equipable
FighterM FighterF SoldierW SoldierB SpyW SpyB HeroW HeroB KnightG KnightW
No No Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No
DancerG DancerW MartialArtistM MartialArtistF NinjaM NinjaF MagicianM PsychicF WrestlerM WrestlerF
No No No No No No No No No No
UnicornB UnicornR BeastKingT BeastKingW KnightGearR KnightGearG FairyW FairyG AndroidW AndroidB
No No No No Yes Yes No No Yes Yes
EnchanterF EnchanterM BerserkerM BerserkerF GamblerM GamblerF ThiefM ThiefF Placeholder Placeholder
Yes Yes No No Yes Yes No No

Attack Moveset

Moveset Name Satellite Trigger
Attack with Satellite Laser
Inherit Name Trace Caller
Standing Special "?" -
Attack Command Attack Name Effect Additional Properties
Weak Combo Rapid Shot Fires with laser shot.
Weak Last Charged Shot Fires with chargeable laser shot. Can be held to become unblockable.
Strong Aim Mark Trigger Player set triggers on the bracelet. Triggers any set laser marks.
Strong Jump Fall Shot Fires from air with laser shot. Can be held to become unblockable.
Weak Hold Fires laser markers with trigger. Sets Laser Marks anywhere at cost of MP. Can set up to 4 at max.
Strong Hold Charges up battery with trigger. Recovers MP up to four times, has one delay charge which does nothing when stopping.
Standing Special Kicks with feet. If hit connect, combos with leg and fires the satellite laser in front. Triggers any other set laser marks if hit is landed.
Standing Super
Jump Special Hard Marker Launches 4 markers in front of direction. Super version launches all 10 markers around the player.
Jump Super Rainy Marker