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The Val Shark Army (バルシャーク軍 Vu~Arushāku-Gun?), or the Val Sharks (バルシャークス Vu~Arushāku?), is a mysterious, yet powerful and dangerous terrorist organization that oppose and attack Wingdom. They are main enemies in the MegaForce Missions and main antagonists in the original story of GetAmped 2. Their motives for targeting Wingdom are unknown and they are pursued by the MegaForce unit.




Executievsea are the prominent, high-ranking members of the Val Sharks Army. In missions, they appear as normal enemies or each as a boss. Being stronger than rank and file members, all of them have the abilities to block attacks and perform powerful attacks. Their bounty and rank determine how dangerous and powerful they are. Each of them is on the Wanted List, which you get from Zen; when you defeat any of them and complete a mission, they will be added to the list. Defeating them will also let you use them as NPCs for practice mode in the Dojo. You must take down and arrest all of them to unlock the final story mission.

Dangerous Bob

Dangerous Bob (デンジャラス・ボブ) is the leader of the Val Shark Army. He Wants to Conquer Wingdom for mysterious Reasons. He is one of the criminals to defeat and add in the Wanted List.

Sorcererer Ponse/Higher Sorcerer Ponse

Sorcerer Ponse (魔導師ポンセ) is the second-in command of Val Shark Army.

Colonel Murder

Originally known as and named Carlos, Colonel Murder (殺人大佐) was once a respectable commander from MegaForce and Red Bull's colleague until he betrayed them for power, defecting to the Val Sharks and became one of their executives.


Jorondo (ジョロンド) is the one the player challenges to a rival match in the Dojo mode.


Exclusive to Special Mission

Other Known Members


They can be added as Training NPCs for the Practice mode of the Dojo by defeating them.

Val-Fires, Val-Winds, Val-Thunders, and Val-Ices


They are the Val Sharks' elites (Val-Fires, Val-Winds, Val-Thunders, Val-Ices and Val-Goldens), appearing only in special missions.They CAN BE Added as Training NPCs for the Practice mode of the Dojo by defeating them.


  • "Mr. Dickhead" (Manga only)



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